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We offer a complete service for paddock and field. We are happy to undertake one-off jobs as well as total management of your land. No job is too small or too large as we have equipment to cater for both.


Topping - to cut down thistles, nettles and weeds. Ensures old grass is removed to make room for young healthier growth.






Grass rejuvenation - spreading of seed on established grass to thicken up, or on bare patches in the field without the need for heavy cultivation.


Hedge Cutting - keeps boundaries tidy and promote new growth


Ploughing and reseeding - if beyond repair why not start again!

Chain harrowing - to air the roots and enhance root growth. Removes moss, thatch and dead grass as well as levelling molehills etc.


Rolling - to compress the ground and remove unevenness caused by poaching from livestock.

Paddock Maintenance